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Fiber Transceiver

Fiber Transceiver

Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber.


 Fiber-optic communication is a method of transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber. The light forms an electromagnetic carrier wave that is modulated to carry information.[1] First developed in the 1970s, fiber-optics have revolutionized the telecommunications industry and have played a major role in the advent of the Information Age. Because of its advantages over electrical transmission, optical fibers have largely replaced copper wire communications in core networks in the developed world. Optical fiber is used by many telecommunications companies to transmit telephone signals, Internet communication, and cable television signals. Researchers at Bell Labs have reached internet speeds of over 100 petabit×kilometer per second using fiber-optic communication.

Industrial Fiber to Ethernet Converter,Switch Price List
Distance:100M Multimode=2Km,Gigabit Multimode:550m,Single mode:20Km
ModelNameFiber PortRJ45 PortPowerPrice(USD)
Fiber to Ethernet Converter -Unmanaged type, Size:98*78*32mm (length, width and height)

KW-F200BM100M 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)116-36V$76.00
KW-F200BM-S100M 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$86.00
KW-F201BM100M 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)126-36V$76.00
KW-F201BM-S100M 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$86.00
KW-F300GMGigabit 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1*Gigabit16-36V$100.00
KW-F300GM-SGigabit 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$112.00
KW-F301GMGigabit 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)126-36V$86.00
KW-F301GM-SGigabit 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$112.00
Industrial Fiber to Ethernet Converter,Switch(Small shell)--Unmanaged type, Size:138*112*42mm(length, width and height)
KW-F200B100M 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1118-36V$96.00
KW-F200B-S100M 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$106.00
KW-F201B100M 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1218-36V$100.00
KW-F201B-S100M 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$106.00
KW-F102B-M100M 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)2118-36V$110.00
KW-F102B-S100M 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$126.00
KW-F203B100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1418-36V$126.00
KW-F203B-S100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$132.00
KW-F204B100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)2418-36V$138.00
KW-F204B-S100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$146.00
KW-F300GGigabit 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1118-36V$116.00
KW-F300G-SGigabit 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$124.00
KW-F301GGigabit 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1218-36V$112.00
KW-F301G-SGigabit 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$124.00
KW-F303GGigabit 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1418-36V$116.00
KW-F303G-SGigabit 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$166.00
KW-F304GGigabit 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX ports Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)2418-36V$160.00
KW-F304G-SGigabit 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX ports Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)$176.00
KW-F108BGigabit 8*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port Converter(Switch)1818-36V$200.00
KW-F005B100M 5*10/100Base-T(X) Switch 
Industrial Fiber to Ethernet Converter(Switch) (Big Shell)-Unmanaged type,Size:138*112*60mm (length, width and height)
KW-F108Gigabit 1*100Base-FX port ,100M 8*10/100Base-T(X) ports(SFP-W/O Module)1818-36V$220.00
KW-F208Gigabit 2*100Base-FX port,100M 8*10/100Base-T(X) ports(SFP-W/O Module)2818-36V$226.00
KW-F404GGigabit 4*100Base-FX port, 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports(SFP-W/O Module)4818-36V$300.00
KW-F909Gigabit  8*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX port(SFP-W/O Module)1818-36V$280.00
KW-F910Gigabit  8*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX port(SFP-W/O Module)2818-36V$300.00
KW-F416Gigabit 4*100Base-FX port ,100M 16*10/100Base-T(X)(SFP-W/O Module)41618-36V$326.00
KW-F008B100M 8*10/100Base-T(X) Switch 
KW-F016100M 16*10/100Base-T(X)  Switch 
KW-F008GGigabit 8*10/100Base-T(X)  Switch 
Ring network management type industrial Switch (Big Shell),Size:138*112*60mm(length, width and height)
KW-206100M 6*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX port Switch (Single/Multi mode fiber)2618-36V$300.00
KW-206S100M 6*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX port Switch (Single mode fiber)$330.00
KW-044100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 4*100Base-FX port Switch (Single/Multi mode fiber)4418-36V$380.00
KW-044S100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 4*100Base-FX port Switch (Single mode fiber)$400.00
KW-204Gigabit 2*100Base-FX port,100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports Switch (GigabitSFP,W/O Module)2418-36V$340.00
KW-306Gigabit 3*100Base-FX port,100M 6*10/100Base-T(X) ports Switch (GigabitSFP,W/O Module)3618-36V$400.00
KW-208Gigabit 2*100Base-FX port,100M 8*10/100Base-T(X) ports Switch (GigabitSFP,W/O Module)2818-36V$420.00
KW-244Gigabit 2*100Base-FX port,100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 4*100Base-FX port Switch (GigabitSFP,W/O Module)(100MSingle/Multi mode fiber)2418-36V$420.00
KW-244SGigabit 2*100Base-FX port,100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 4*100Base-FX port Switch (GigabitSFP,W/O Module)(100MSingle mode fiber)2418-36V$450.00
KW-8028Gigabit 26*100Base-FX port,2*10/100Base-T(X) ports(GigabitSFP,W/O Module)262AC/DC 220V$1,120.00
KW-3028Gigabit 2*100Base-FX port,2*10/100Base-T(X) ports(Host-GigabitSFP,W/O Module)22AC/DC 220V$900.00
KW-3028-8F3028 Module(8*100MSFP 100Base-FX port,W/O Module)8

KW-3028-8T3028 Module(8*10/100M 10/100Base-T(X) ports)
KW-820Gigabit 4*100Base-FX port,100M 16*10/100Base-T(X) ports (GigabitSFP W/O Module)41618-36V$750.00
KW-814Gigabit 4*100Base-FX port,100M 2*100Base-FX port,8*10/100Base-T(X) ports (GigabitSFP,W/O Module)4218-36V$800.00
KW-P208Gigabit 2*100Base-FX port,100M 8*10/100Base-T(X) ports(SFP-W/O Module)--PoE Management Type2848-60V$420.00
KW-P306Gigabit 3*100Base-FX port,100M 6*10/100Base-T(X) ports(SFP-W/O Module)--PoE Management Type3648-60V$440.00

Unmanaged Type PoE  Industrial Switch -Unmanaged type
KW-FP005B100M 5*10/100Base-T(X) portsPoE Switch 
KW-FP008GGigabit 8*10/100Base-T(X) portsPoE Switch 
KW-FP101B100M 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1148-60V$126.00
KW-FP101BS100M 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)48-60V$130.00
KW-FP102B100M 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1248-60V$140.00
KW-FP102BS100M 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)48-60V$150.00
KW-FP104B100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1448-60V$150.00
KW-FP104BS100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)48-60V$170.00
KW-FP204B100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)2448-60V$170.00
KW-FP204BS100M 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)48-60V$180.00
KW-FP208Gigabit 2*100Base-FX ports,100M 8*10/100Base-T(X) ports PoE Switch (SFP-W/O Module)2848-60V$300.00
KW-FP208Gigabit 3*100Base-FX ports ,100M 6*10/100Base-T(X) ports PoE Switch (SFP-W/O Module)3648-60V$300.00
KW-FP910GGigabit  8*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 2*100Base-FX portPoE Switch (SFP-W/O Module)2848-60V$370.00
KW-FP101GGigabit 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1148-60V$162.00
KW-FP101GSGigabit 1*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)48-60V$176.00
KW-FP102GGigabit 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1248-60V$170.00
KW-FP102GSGigabit 2*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)48-60V$182.00
KW-FP104GGigabit 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single/Multi mode fiber)1448-60V$176.00
KW-FP104GSGigabit 4*10/100Base-T(X) ports and 1*100Base-FX portPoE Converter(Switch)(Single mode fiber)48-60V$188.00

ShippingDHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, EMS, Post
PaymentT/T, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal
Minimum Order Quantity1 pcs
Technical Supportfree
Programming Softwarefree

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