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Common malfunctions and solutions to human machine interface HMI
Jul 30, 2016

Participating in man-machine communication existed in the field of human-computer interface. At present, human machine interface HMI is widely applied in various fields, but in the process of using man-machine surface, often encounter a lot of problems. In view of this, this article summarizes the common fault and treatment of human-machine interface in their daily work.

First, no response from the interface, by touching any part of not responding.

Treatment methods: this happens, first check the wiring connector is loose, and then check the serial port and interrupt number is there a conflict, if it is caused by a conflict, then resources should be adjusted to avoid conflict.

Next, check whether the HMI surface cracks, if there are any cracks should be replaced immediately. In addition, you also need to check whether the HMI surface grime, and if so, remove with a soft cloth. Observe check whether the led on the control box works fine, normal, light is green and flashing.

If the above works are normal, can be checked by replacing human-machine interface, replace the control box, and replaces the touch screen, and finally replace the host.

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