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Fort Union encoder product application in lifting the heavy industry
Jul 30, 2016

In the world on the stacker-13700 tons maximum, aimag HS35 series encoders provide products with excellent quality beyond its intended function guarantee. Is based on product satisfaction and brand trust, a well-known international iron ore project, on all lifting equipment used by encoder products from the group.

This Fort for the Union's full range of sensor products used in lifting the heavy industry on a large scale has brought us more likely.

Stacker-reclaimer is a high efficiency continuous handling machinery and equipment, in areas such as mining, specialized terminals, steel mills are widely used.

Due to the work environment is very bad, Stacker-reclaimer equipment requirements must have a strong impact resistance and high rigidity, dustproof and waterproof performance and a certain degree of resistance, in order to guarantee the long-term safe use.

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