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Four future automotive HMI interface design tips
Jul 30, 2016

Business Insider-owned research group to evaluate the BI Intelligence recently predicted that by 2020 worldwide sales of 92 million vehicles will use the hardware devices that are connected to the Internet. Imagine millions of vehicle applications all the time for data input and output, and what it can bring to the user interaction experience. Aided by sharing data, driving safety can be greatly improved and advanced route planning strategy can also reduce fuel consumption. System is how to determine which data to drivers or vehicle-mounted system itself helps, or will the less relevant the data traffic driving more complex, more difficult, more dangerous?

How the system is designed by human-computer interface (HMI), present useful information to drivers and passengers, is the most important gauge of future data interactive devices standard. If there is no an intuitive solutions and design ideas, in-vehicle systems technology inventors and engineers will likely lead to the attention of drivers to observe road conditions reduced potential risk to life and property safety of the occupants. Human-computer interface design engineers must always bear in mind that the innovative and user-friendly product solutions in the future, to be able to minimize the drivers attention is not focused on the degree of distraction on the road while maximizing Internet automotive information effectiveness of input and output data.

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