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Intelligent plant of HMI applications
Jul 30, 2016

The past decade, human-machine interface (HMI) solutions synchronize with changing customer needs, achieve leap-forward development. Along with the development of digital smart factory and workshop, HMI technology evolution is widely discussed.

Real-time intelligent plant trend, HMI's role has been industry users realize that their technology is constantly developing. First HMI can only provide data on a mobile device, HMI has now can provide the operator with real-time data and actionable predictions. Benefits to the user, such as reducing plant operating costs, higher efficiency, higher energy efficiency, which accelerates the human-machine solution.

The future, intelligent plant will implement information technology, Internet, information exchange, workflow management, to meet customer demand for differentiated and customized, increasing the flexibility of the production, as well as to provide managers with better decision support. We can see from the smart factory development, HMI plays an important role, also put forward higher requirements for HMI.

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