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Intelligent sensor power made in China goes to China think tank
Jul 30, 2016

Intelligent sensors needed to manufacture compared with traditional sensors, first, need for a more flexible interface, the sensor can not only in the controller layer, communication, and can achieve higher data communication. Second, the sensors need to be intelligent functions. Smart Sensors provide data more compact, more practical, and overall system efficiency will also use the data source, the higher the more accurate the results.

Intelligent plant operation, that is data collection, analysis and processing, and sensor in which each aspect plays an important role. Domestic production of sensors, not to use products less than international giants. However, some special components, such as the need of resistance to high temperature and pressure sensors, reliability and stability of domestic products there are gaps. But this is not exactly technical problem, sensor manufacturers should focus more on the management, quality control.

Industrial robots, production line, reaction vessels, CNC machine tools, standardization of intelligent manufacturing equipment and non Foundation of standardized equipment is shared by the many sensors integrated. Industrial controls to ensure zero errors, sensors not only to be able to communicate in real time, to be precise enough, like civilian areas of ' packet ' is absolutely intolerable. Sensor applications in different industrial fields, its tolerance of temperature, humidity and pH are also different individual requirements, power consumption and size will be strictly limited, for example, lingxia60℃ extreme environments is a challenge.

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