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Master design of PLC control system
Jul 30, 2016

PLC control system design principles

1) usability

Basic principles of practical control system design. Engineers in the study are controlled at the same time, even controlling system for environment, making the control system is able to meet all the requirements of users. To be as small and flexible as possible on the hardware, the software should be simple and convenient.

2) reliability

Reliability is extremely important principle of control system. For some systems that may become dangerous, it is necessary to ensure the long-term stability of control systems, safe and reliable operation, even if the control system itself there is a problem, at least to ensure there will not be significant loss of personnel and property. In system planning early, should full consider system may appeared of problem, proposed different of design programme, select a very reliable and more easy implementation of programme; in hardware design Shi, should according to equipment of important degree, consider appropriate of backup or redundant; in software design Shi, should take corresponding of protection measures, in after repeatedly test ensure no big of omissions of rear can online debugging run.

3) economical

This requires engineers to meet the availability and reliability of the premise, should be as economical and practical software and hardware configuration of the system, do not blindly pursue new technologies, high performance. Hardware selection should be subject to the combined economic, software should be in the development cycle and product features as the appropriate balance between. Also consider the use of the product can obtain complete technical information and services, to reduce development costs.

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