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On the role of video encoder details
Jul 30, 2016

Video codec is a digital video compression or decompression program or device. In real life, video encoder has a very important role. Here talk about the video encoder.

Video encoder

Video encoder in the surveillance system are: the front camera, pickups and other equipment of compressed audio and video signals collected and transmitted over the network to the back-end monitoring center, and decoded by the run on the corresponding PC software or hardware decoding equipment for decoding and playing.

For example: through a camera placed in a conference room, meeting room within the image and sound transmission to the connected audio/video encoder, encoding will be collected through the encoder signals (via an internal network) to the DSS-R recording server on the back-end management platform. Live server module will receive the signal from audio and video encoder in the distribution network, each access within the Office inside the computer through a proprietary client receives real-time content and built-in recording recording server module, decode the received signal content recorded (of hard drive available for storage in the server).

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