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Principle and interpretation of rotary encoder
Jul 30, 2016

There are many types of encoders, common rotary encoders, absolute encoders, incremental encoders, their properties are generally the same, just some differences in procedures used. Their works separately and also have differences, the following small series for you a simple analysis and about the next, can make people more clearly understand and grasp the rotary encoder, the details are as follows:

First we simply understand how common encoder, it is mainly a rotary displacement into a series of digital pulses of Rotary sensors, these pulses are can be used to control while you work.

Rotating coding device of main material: has metal, and glass, and plastic, glass code disc is in glass Shang deposition is thin of carved line, its main features is hot stability good, precision high, metal code disc directly to pass and not pass carved line, not easy broken, but due to metal has must of thickness, so precision on has must of limit, its hot stability will than glass of poor a number level, plastic code disc is budget of, its cost low, but hot stability, and precision, and life are to poor some.

The principle of rotary encoders and function: it is a rotary displacement into a bunch of digital pulse signal of Rotary sensors, these pulses can be used to control the angle of displacement, if the encoder in conjunction with gears or helical screw, can also be used for measuring linear displacement.

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