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Sensors in the future of five trend
Jul 30, 2016

Many developed technologies, have to when it comes to Internet and sensors. IOT is the whole network of intelligent sensors are an important part.

Sensor "of five" development

One is intelligent, two development go hand in hand. One direction are several sensor functionality and data processing, storage, integration of two-way communications; the other is soft-sensing technology, which combines intelligent sensors and artificial intelligence.

Second, be mobile, wireless sensor network technology to speed up. Wireless sensor network technology is the key to overcome resource constraints, and meet requirements such as scalability, fault-tolerance in sensor networks.

Third, are miniaturized, MEMS sensor research and development education. With the integration of micro-electro-mechanical processing technology matures, MEMS sensor semiconductor processing technology introduced the sensor manufacturing, realization of a large-scale production and miniaturization of sensors provides an important technical support.

Four, are integrated. Sensor integration includes two types: one is the integration of multiple sensors of the same type and the other is a multifunctional integrated.

V, is a diversified, new materials technology breakthrough to speed up the emergence of a variety of new sensors. New sensitive material is the sensor technology, materials technology research and development is to enhance performance, an important means of reducing costs, and technological upgrading.

Sensor development and applications are expanding, whether the auto industry or the wisdom of urban construction, including the development of the Internet trend, is to show the sensor will usher in a glorious development.

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