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Proface HMI Membrane Keypad Touch Glass Protective Film front Overlays


Proface HMI Membrane Keypad Touch Glass Protective Film front Overlays

ModelTypeApplicable Model
GP2300Touch panelGP2301-LG41-24V、GP2300-LG41-24V、GP2301-SC41 
GP2400Touch panelGP2401-TC41-24V, GP2400-TC41-24V 
GP2500Touch panelGP2500-LG41、GP2501-LG41-24V、GP2500-SC41-24V 
GP2600Touch panelGP2600-TC11、GP2601-LG41、GP2600-SC41-24V、GP2601-SC41 
GP270Touch panelGP270-LG11-24V,GP270-SC11-24V 
GP370Touch panelGP370-SC11-24V GP37W-LG11-24V GP377-LG11-24V 
GP37W2Touch panel GP37W2.GP37W2-BG41-24V GP37W2-LG11-24V 
GP400Touch panel GP410-EG11 GP477-EG11,GP430-EG11,GP477 GP47J-EG11,GP477R-EG11.GP470-EG11 

Kollewin Technology now brings quality proface products from its professional factory made by its qualified workers. Our proface products have already been sold to different regions like Europe, North America, UK, and so on. We can provide you a competitive price, and you can check the price list with us first if necessary. Come and get some!

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