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Dangerous Environments With A Profinet Device
Jul 30, 2016

Best ATEX/IECEx certified analog Rotary decoder using proprietary design, guaranteed in potentially explosive gas or dust environment risk level of security operations. It is magneto-optical rotation sensor IXRC a member of the family, a single ring or ring designs to choose. ATEX-certified spinning decoder robust, accurate, customizable is equipped with a variety of different installation and coupling ATEX certification options rotate decoder products, ensure the smooth installation of the 1 and 21 (refer to the ATEX Directive).

Certification in the field 1&21 (oil and gas) and M2 (mining)

Explosion-proof and fire-proof shell

Available in aluminum and stainless steel (316L) material

Provide accessible junction box, axial or radial cable output

One-loop resolution of up to 16-bit, circle a few more up to 14-bit

Without battery

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