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Flat Cable Market In China Over The Next Five Years Will Usher In Massive Development
Jul 30, 2016

The next five years, is the golden age of technology and energy saving. Technical energy-saving cover a wide range, including the flat cable, electric power, steel, nonferrous metal, oil and petrochemical, chemical and building materials focus on the traditional industries of advanced and applicable technology. Domestically, the servo cable manufacturers must grasp this opportunity to achieve higher level goals. Just lifting the industry flat cable industry products, but occupies a lifting industry 1/4 value. Flat cable products a wide range of application is very extensive, involving cranes, port, cranes, road, grab machines and so on each big industry, closely related to all sectors of the national economy.

In recent years, the domestic flat cable manufacturing industries have maintained a good momentum of development. International flat cable market to flourish, particularly in wire and cable market, driven by strong growth in China, effective improve the capacity utilization ratio of flat cable companies, has steadily increased its industrial scale, technology advances, corporate profit margins improve. Meanwhile, flat cable industry summary there are still some problems to be solved and improvements in the.

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