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Germany Issued Chip-level Controller Bridge The Market Gap
Jul 30, 2016

PROFINET is the world communication based on Ethernet, one of the most important agreements in the field of automation, the PI has many members of international organizations, and some in the PROFINET technology used in engineering applications, integrated PROFINET interface in a product. Now, gifted by issuing chip (ASIC) PROFINET controllers and with IRT functionality, offset the last gap in the market.

PROFINET IRT-channel provides a controller and synchronization, deterministic communication between connected devices, high speed and high precision. IRT application is especially suitable for high-performance motion control field, such as hundreds of axis synchronization and microsecond precision. IRT data frame through the reserved time window, according to the order, synchronizing the loop transmission, the rest of the cycle time for standard TCP/IP data transfer.

The PROFINET controller with IRT functionality is based on netX series chips, present programmes, in addition to the appropriate protocol stacks and installed firmware, there are master station configuration software (SYCON.net).

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