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Industry 4.0 To Unlock Trillions Of Marketing Automation Company Shoulder Heavy Responsibilities
Jul 30, 2016

Industrial economic benefits of the Internet are limitless

With the popularity of the Internet, cloud computing and other emerging applications in the field of manufacturing weapons. Using the means of the Internet, industrial Internet penetration to the other in the field of commercial, civil, mature. Industrial interconnect not only need basic information to further improve and the need for investment in automation infrastructure. At present, the global industrial automation market with around € 400 billion, GE predicts that industry Internet market will reach 32 trillion.

Industrial Automation is the basis of industrial association

Industrial Automation is the means, are all accessible advanced technologies and methods used in industrial production and realization of self-control and control of the manufacturing process. Development of industrial automation in order to improve efficiency on the one hand, on the other hand finished production of artificial fine, harsh environment cannot be achieved.

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