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Nettest Ⅱ Diagnosis Of--PROFIBUS Universal Player
Jul 30, 2016

In industrial control, the PROFIBUS-DP network is one of the most widely used field bus network, and working in the field, network failures more difficult to resolve than the average electrical fault, thus causing longer downtime. Such failure to lack of experience in the equipment normally, if a failure occurs, often hazy idea, delay start time. Use PROFIBUS handheld scanner, you can quickly identify problems, troubleshoot as soon as possible, and greatly reduce the time and cost of downtime by cost.

PROFIBUS hand-held diagnostic instruments--Nettest II

Nettest II was a successful operation, maintenance and repair of any basic PROFIBUS DP network must have the analysis and testing tools. Has some basic system of detecting Setup errors in PROFIBUS analysis and testing tool has set a new standard. With DP-master function, Nettest II become the most advanced tools to debug DP Slave. The entire PROFIBUS network without the use of PLC can be debugged. Have online capabilities also make Nettese II can detect occasional errors within the system that is running. Automatically generates detailed test reports and archive to meet all the requirements of the quality management system of the State of the art.

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