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Once This Period Piece Film Keyboard Has No Future?
Jul 30, 2016

Membrane keyboard, or what is left?Keyboard products and believe that most people embrace the idea: keyboard thing, can be used on the well, buy hundreds of keyboard too wasted, when JS machine sends a, in a few years is not a problem. Perhaps the user needs, keyboard the thing more than a decade to evolve relatively slowly, but only by virtue of the distinction between games and high-end user options are quite rich.Calculated production costs alone, the current low-end membrane keyboard on the market can be said to be very low cost. On the x-Po, a keyboard for a dozen catch a lot, and this is the retail price, the cost price as you can imagine, of course, such price performance, performance, performance, don't think too much, can have is its greatest strength.Actually, in in recent years most keyboard manufacturers are has began gradually reduced film class of products of promotion, after all cheap of film keyboard only dozens of block, play household bad on lost (such of price also not caused what spirit loss), film keyboard of profit space compression have increasingly low, manufacturers by this type of products only through go volume, and relies on this bargains, for brand of accumulated actual also no what too big of help, after all market Shang low-end film keyboard of number can be described as is more be number,Universal mold makes it no longer meets the technical content.

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