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Allen Bradley PLC

Allen Bradley PLC

Our Large Control Systems fit your most demanding application needs.


Large Control Systems

Our Large Control Systems fit your most demanding application needs. They offer modular architectures and a range of I/O and network options. These powerful control solutions deliver world-class capabilities from process to safety to motion. Designed for distributed or supervisory control applications, our large programmable automation controllers (PACs) provide exceptional reliability and performance.

Large Control Systems:

ControlLogix Control Systems

GuardPLC Safety Control Systems

SoftLogix Control Systems

1785 PLC-5 Controllers

Small Control Systems

The perfect solution for your mid-range applications, our small controllers offer the features and flexibility you need without the overhead of larger systems. Choose from standard and safety-certified controllers in chassis-based, packaged and modular designs. Typical applications include complex machine control, batch processing and building automation.

Small Control Systems:

CompactLogix Control Systems

SmartGuard 600 Safety Controllers with Safety

SLC 500 Controllers

Micro & Nano Control Systems

Our micro and nano PLCs provide economical solutions to basic control needs for your simple machines ranging from relay replacement to simple control timing and logic. Compact packaging, integrated I/O and communication, and ease of use make these controllers an ideal choice for applications such as conveyor automation, security systems, and building and parking lot lighting.

Micro & Nano Control Systems:

Micro800 Control Systems

MicroLogix Control Systems

Pico Controllers

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