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Vigor has accumulated experience for many years, in response to market demands,Vigor team has launched a new generation development of programmable logic controller.


Vigor has accumulated experience for many years, in response to market demands,

Vigor team has launched a new generation development of programmable logic controller. 

●For VS Series, More Function powerful、Rapider of execution、More competitive.

●VS Series PLC family includes VS1 General type、VS2 Advanced type、VSM Motion Control type and VS3 Powerful type.

●Vigor supplies PLC from basic control to a complete advanced application product line, we always make our best efforts for reliable quality, competitive price and flexible combination.

●All VS series controller are designed for high-function and supplied all-inclusive control as well as application to enhance, Vigor product competition and achieve high reliable quantity with reasonable price.

●VB series PLC has been marketing for many years, Stable Quality, Complete Control Function, Multi-Functions programmable controller.

VB series PLC family includes VB0 general type, VB1 motion control type and VB2 high powerful programmable controller.

●VB0 series is applicable to a variety of general automation control system.

●VB1 series is applicable to positioning and high speed I/O function.

●VB2 series is applicable to complex procedures of automatic control system.

VH Series PLC is a stable and valuable programmable logic controller for a variety of simple automatic control system. Such as wearing cargo lifts, parking equipment, conveyor belt equipment, shoes-made machine and woodworking machinery ... etc, VH series is suitable for all kinds of simple sequential control machine.

●VH series PLC contains a variety of main units and expansion modules that can be applied to meet the control of 10 points ~ 128 points.

●VH-20AR main unit is built-in 4 points 12-bit analog inputs and 2 points 12-bit analog outputs, super-excellent performance with the best economical price, also it is user-friendly for analog control setting.

●Provides Communication Module: VB-CADP/VB-485A

●Provides communication expansion card: VB-485/VB-232

●Provides memory card: VB-MP1R/VB-RTC

●Programming cable/ HMI Connection cable can becompatible with VB Series.


※Regarding to further information, please refer to VB Series product detailed specifications

Kollewin Technology now brings quality vigor plc products from its professional factory made by its qualified workers. Our vigor plc products have already been sold to different regions like Europe, North America, UK, and so on. We can provide you a competitive price, and you can check the price list with us first if necessary. Come and get some!

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