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We resell SIEMENS original 6ES7307-1KA02-0AA0, and we also manufacture 6ES7307-1KA02-0AA0 Substitute.


We resell SIEMENS original 6ES7307-1KA02-0AA0, and we also manufacture 6ES7307-1KA02-0AA0 Substitute.

Our 6ES7307-1KA02-0AA0 Substitute became more and more popular, because the price is cheap and the quality is as good as original.


Technical specifications
ProductPS 307
Power supply, type24 V/10 A
Input1-phase AC
Supply voltage / 1 / with AC / Rated value120 V
Supply voltage / 2 / with AC / Rated value230 V
Supply voltage
  • Note

Automatic range selection
Input voltage / 1 / with AC85…132 V
Input voltage / 2 / with AC170…264 V
Wide-range inputNo
Overvoltage resistance2.3 × Vin rated, 1.3 ms
Mains buffering at Iout rated, min.20 ms
Mains bufferingat Vin = 93/187 V
Rated line frequency50/60 Hz
Rated line range47...63 Hz
Input current / at rated input voltage 120 V4.2 A
Input current / at rated input voltage 230 V1.9 A
Switch-on current limiting (+25 °C), max.55 A
Duration of inrush current limiting / at 25 °C / maximum3 ms
I²t, max.3.3 A²·s
Built-in incoming fuseT 6.3 A/250 V (not accessible)
Protection in the mains power input (IEC 898)Recommended miniature circuit breaker: from 10 A characteristic C
OutputControlled, isolated DC voltage
Rated voltage Vout DC24 V
Total tolerance, static ±3 %
Static mains compensation, approx.0.1 %
Static load balancing, approx.0.5 %
Residual ripple peak-peak, max.50 mV
Residual ripple peak-peak, typ.15 mV
Spikes peak-peak, max. (bandwidth: 20 MHz)150 mV
Spikes peak-peak, typ. (bandwidth: 20 MHz)60 mV
Product function / Output voltage adjustableNo
Output voltage setting-
Status displayGreen LED for 24 V OK
On/off behaviorNo overshoot of Vout (soft start)
Startup delay, max.2 s
Voltage rise, typ.10 ms
Rated current value Iout rated10 A
Current range0…10 A
Active power supplied / typical240 W
Short-term overload current / on short-circuiting during the start-up / typical38 A
Duration of overloading capability for excess current / on short-circuiting during the start-up80 ms
Short-term overload current / at short-circuit during operation / typical38 A
Duration of overloading capability for excess current / at short-circuit during operation80 ms
Parallel switching for enhanced performanceYes
Efficiency at Vout rated, Iout rated, approx.90 %
Power loss at Vout rated, Iout rated, approx.27 W
Closed-loop control
Dynamic mains compensation (Vin rated ±15 %), max.0.1 %
Dynamic load smoothing (Iout: 50/100/50 %), Uout ± typ.2 %
Setting time / maximum0.1 ms
Protection and monitoring
Output overvoltage protectionAdditional control loop, shutdown at < 28.8 V, automatic restart
Current limitation11…12 A
Property of the output / Short-circuit proofYes
Short-circuit protectionElectronic shutdown, automatic restart
Enduring short circuit current / RMS value / maximum12 A
Overload/short-circuit indicator-
Primary/secondary isolationYes
Galvanic isolationSafety extra-low output voltage Uout acc. to EN 60950-1 and EN 50178
Protection classClass I
Leakage current / maximum3.5 mA
Leakage current / typical0.6 mA
CE markYes
UL/CSA approvalYes
UL/cUL (CSA) approvalcULus-Listed (UL 508, CSA C22.2 No. 142), File E143289
Explosion protectionATEX (EX) II 3G Ex nA II T4; cULus (ISA 12.12.01, CSA C22.2 No.213) Class I, Div. 2, Group ABCD, T4, File E330455
FM approvalClass I, Div. 2, Group ABCD, T4
CB approvalNo
Marine approvalIn S7-300 system
Degree of protection (EN 60529)IP20
Emitted interferenceEN 55022 Class B
Supply harmonics limitationEN 61000-3-2
Noise immunityEN 61000-6-2
Operating data
Ambient temperature / during operation0…60 °C
  • Note

with natural convection
Ambient temperature / during transport-40…+85 °C
Ambient temperature / during storage-40…+85 °C
Humidity class according to EN 60721Climate class 3K3, no condensation
Connection technologyscrew-type terminals
Connections / Supply inputL, N, PE: 1 screw terminal each for 0.5 ... 2.5 mm² single-core/finely stranded
Connections / OutputL+, M: 4 screw terminals each for 0.5 ... 2.5 mm²
Connections / Auxiliary-
Width / of the enclosure80 mm
Height / of the enclosure125 mm
Depth / of the enclosure120 mm
Installation width80 mm
Mounting height205 mm
Weight, approx.0.8 kg
Product property / of the enclosure / housing for side-by-side mountingYes
Mounting type / wall mountingNo
Mounting type / Standard rail mountingNo
Mounting type / S7 rail mountingYes
InstallationCan be mounted onto S7 rail
Mechanical accessoriesMounting adapter for standard mounting rail (6EP1971-1BA00)
Other informationSpecifications at rated input voltage and ambient temperature +25 °C (unless otherwise specified)
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We produce these substitute S7-200,300,Profibus Products.
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S7-300 Front Connector6ES7392-1AJ00-0AA020 Pin
S7-200 CPU
6ES7214-1AD23-0XB014 DI, 10 DO
6ES7392-1AM00-0AA040 Pin6ES7214-1BD23-0XB014 DI, 10 Relay
S7-300 Rack6ES7390-1AF30-0AA0530mm6ES7216-2AD23-0XB024 DI,16 DO
6ES7390-1AJ30-0AA0830mm6ES7216-2BD23-0XB024 DI,16 Relay
6ES7390-1AB60-0AA0160mmS7-200 Digital6ES7221-1BF22-0XA08 DI
6ES7390-1AE80-0AA0482mm6ES7221-1BH22-0XA016 DI
6ES7390-1BC00-0AA02000mm6ES7221-1BL22-0XA032 DI
6ES7195-1GA00-0XA0483mm6ES7222-1BF22-0XA08 DO
6ES7195-1GF30-0XA0530mm6ES7222-1HF22-0XA08 Relay
6ES7195-1GG30-0XA0620mm6ES7222-1BH22-0XA016 DO
6ES7195-1GC00-0XA02000mm6ES7222-1HH22-0XA016 Relay
S7-400 Rack6ES7492-1AL00-0AA048 Pin6ES7222-1BL22-0XA032 DO
PS3076ES7 307-1EA00-0AA024V 5A6ES7223-1BF22-0XA04 DI, 4 DO
6ES7 307-1EA01-0AA024V 5A6ES7223-1HF22-0XA04 DI,4 Relay
6ES7 307-1KA01-0AA024V 10A6ES7223-1BH22-0XA08 DI,8 DO
6ES7 307-1KA02-0AA024V 10A6ES7223-1PH22-0XA08 DI,8 Relay
PC Adapter /USB6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0USB-DP,MPI,PPI6ES7223-1BL22-0XA016 DI,16 DO
6GK1571-0BA00-0AA0USB-DP,MPI,PPI6ES7223-1PL22-0XA016 DI,16 Relay
6ES7972-0CA23-0XA0RS232-DP,MPI,PPIS7-200 Analog6ES7231-0HC22-0XA04 AI
CP5611, CP55126GK1561-1AA00PCI-DP,MPI,PPI6ES7231-0HF22-0XA08 AI
6GK15611-1AA01PCI-DP,MPI,PPI6ES7232-0HB22-0XA02 AO
6GK1551-2AA00PCMCIA6ES7232-0HD22-0XA04 AO
CP5512 Express CardExpress6ES7235-0KD22-0XA04 AI, 1 AO
Profibus Connector6ES7972-0BA12-0XA090 Degree6ES7231-7PB22-0XA02 AI RTD
6ES7972-0BB12-0XA090 Degree,PG6ES7231-7PD22-0XA04AI TC
6ES7972-0BA41-0XA035 Degree6ES7231-7PC22-0XA04AI RTD
6ES7972-0BB41-0XA035 Degree,PG6ES7231-7PH22-0XA08 AI TC
6ES7972-0BA42-0XA035 Degree6ES7231-7PF22-0XA08 AI TC
6ES7972-0BB42-0XA035 Degree,PG6ES7231-7PL22-0XA016 AI TC
6ES7972-0BA50-0XA090 Degree,Fast6ES7231-7HC22-0XA04 AI Energy
6ES7972-0BB50-0XA090 Degree,FastS7-200 Commu6ES7291-8BA20-0XA0Battery
6ES7972-0BA52-0XA090 Degree,Fast6ES7291-8GF23-0XA064K Memory
6ES7972-0BB52-0XA090 Degree,Fast6ES7290-6AA20-0XA0I/O Module Cable
6GK1500-0FC00180 Degree,Fast6ES7277-0AA22-0XA0EM277 Profibus
6GK1500-0FC10180 Degree,Fast6ES7260-1AA00-0XA0IM 260 DP
6GK1500-0EA02180 Degree,Fast6ES7261-0AA22-0XA0IM 261 RTU
KW-DP90Diagnostic 90'S7-300 Digital6ES7321-1BH02-0AA016 DI NPN
KW-DP91Isolationed 90'6ES7321-1BH50-0AA016 DI PNP
Profibus Cable6XV1830-0EH102 wire6ES7321-1FH00-0AA016 DI AC
6XV1830-3EH10TRAILING6ES7321-1BL00-0AA032 DI
Profinet6XV1840-2AH102X2, Cable6ES7322-1BF01-0AA08 DO
S7-200 Cable6ES7 901-3CB30-0XA0PC-PPI6ES7322-1BH01-0AA016 DO
6ES7 901-3DB30-0XA0USB-PPI6ES7322-1HH01-0AA016 Relay
LOGO! Cable6ED1057-1AA00-0BA0LOGO!PC-CABLE6ES7322-1BL00-0AA032 DO
6ED1057-1AA01-0BA0LOGO!USB-CABLE6ES7323-1BL00-0AA016 DI,16 DO
S5 Cable6ES5 734-1BD20PC/TTYS7-300 Analog6ES7331-1KF02-0AB08 AI 13bit
MPI Cable6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0.MPI6ES7331-7KF02-0AB08 AI 16bit
RS232 cable6ES7 901-1BF00-0XA0RS2326ES7331- 7PF01-0AB08 AI RTD
OP cable6XV1 440-2KH32OP programming6ES7331-7PF11-0AB08 AI TC
Ethernet-300KW-300-ETHETH to MPI,DP6ES7332-5HD01-0AB04 AO
Ethernet-200KW-200-ETHETH to PPI6ES7332-5HF00-0AB08 AO
Ethernet-300KW-300-ETH-AdapterETH to MPI,DP6ES7335-7HG02-0AB04 AI, 4 AO Counter
Ethernet-200KW-200-ETH-AdapterETH to PPIS7-300 Commu6ES7153-3MB00-0XB0Modbus-TCP
Wifi-300KW-300-WIFIWifi to MPI,DP6ES7153-1AA03-0XB0Profibus Remote IO
Wifi-200KW-200-WIFIWifi to PPI6ES7341-1CH02-0AE0RS485/42

ShippingDHL, UPS, Fedex, TNT, EMS, Post
PaymentT/T, Western Union, Moneygram, Paypal
Minimum Order Quantity1 pcs
Technical Supportfree
Programming Softwarefree

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